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About Us

Mission Statement

Our Saviour School teaches Roman Catholic values in a faith-centered environment. The faculty and staff assist families in the total development of their children’s potential, instilling spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth. Our Saviour School prepares students to lead and serve.

Vision Statement

Our Saviour School will become a unified school community, working collaboratively to create an innovative, vertically-aligned PreK-8 curriculum, using the standards as a roadmap, to ensure spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth for all students.working collaboratively to create an innovative, vertically-aligned PreK-8 curriculum, using the standards as a roadmap, to ensure spiritual, intellectual, and physical growth for all students.

Philosophy of Our Saviour School

We believe Our Saviour School is an extension of Our Saviour Parish as one of its learning centers. In this unique setting, the primary goal is the nurturing of the religious, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth of the students as children of God, according to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, with worship as an integral part of the educational process. We believe students learn best when they are motivated by a desire to acquire knowledge and growth in maturity; when they respect their teachers, realizing the teachers’ commitment to their intellectual and moral development; when they are concerned about the feelings of their peers, and know their peers are concerned about theirs; when they have a respect for authority and enjoy the respect of the entire school staff; when they feel loved and wanted at school; when they are encouraged by parents to study and to cooperate at school; when they give of themselves in service to their school and community. We believe teachers teach best when they are at peace with themselves; when they are motivated by their dedication to their work and by their commitment to their students; when they are free of bias and treat all their students with fairness, recognizing their differing backgrounds and abilities; when they can practice their profession free of tension, secure in the constant respect and support of their pastor, principal and fellow teachers; when they are confident of open and helpful communication with parents; when they are an integral part of a community of love. We believe the parents and school function as partners when there is shared commitment to meet the educational needs of the children based on a spirit of love, cooperation and understanding. We believe the school extends the parish when all members of the parish work together to provide an education for the students which integrates academic excellence, worship, and the living of the Catholic faith.

Long Range Plan

The Long-Range Plan for Our Saviour School for 2015-2020 has been submitted to the Tracy Family Foundation by the Alliance for Catholic Education. We greatly appreciate the involvement parishioners, parents, staff, and volunteers gave to this initiative. The plan includes four domains: Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, Enrollment and Marketing, and Finance.

The goals under Catholic Identity focus on:

  • To increase emphasis and focus on Our Saviour School’s Catholic identity within the school
  • To increase student witness and service in the broader community
  • To enhance Our Saviour School’s outreach to and communication with Routt Catholic High School

The goals under Academic Excellence include:

  • To ensure a high quality academic program for all students
  • To develop and implement an integrated curriculum across all grade levels
  • To increase professional requirements and opportunities for all teachers and
  • To establish a pre-school program

The goals under Enrollment and Marketing focus on:

  • To increase Our Saviour School’s enrollment by 5% each year over the next 5 years.
  • To formalize and expand Our Saviour School’s marketing program and initiatives.

The goals under Finance include:

  • To develop a five year financial plan that will support the current and future school programs
  • To expand current school facilities to meet the school’s educational program needs and accommodate future enrollment

Objectives and action steps have been created to lead us in meeting these goals. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to move forward in meeting these initiatives within the school, parish, and community.

Advisory Board

This Board is an advisory body consisting of the following 11 members: the parish pastor, the school principal, both ex-officio and 9 others. The purpose of the Board is advisory and consultative in nature. The Board meetings are on the school calendar. They may also meet at other times as deemed necessary. All meetings of the Board are open to members of the parish and/or parents/guardians of school children. Any concern or suggestions of parishioners are welcome. (See Grievance Procedure) Written requests or issues to be addressed by the Board will be accepted by the Advisory Board president. Such a request should be submitted to the Board president 5 days prior to the School Board meeting. Minutes of past meetings are available upon request from the Board secretary. Areas of Board Responsibility: 1. Mission 2. Planning 3. Policy Formation 4. Finances 5. Development/public relations/marketing 6. Evaluation of the Board effectiveness 7. Evaluation of Principal/Board relationship 8. Search for Principal

Our Saviour School 2019-2020 Advisory Board:

  • Fr. Joe Ring, Ex Officio
  • Stevie VanDeVelde, Ex Officio
  • Cortney Bonjean, President
  • Scott Marshall, Vice-President
  • Court Hager, Secretary
  • Carrie Cole, Member
  • Tamara Emerick, Member
  • Lindsay English, Member
  • Beth Knollhoff, Member
  • Joan Ryan, Member